Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Meeting with:
Mr Chris Hawley
Director International Relations and Development

Frances Niuloa-Little
International Director
International Centre
Michael Giacon
Head of School
AUT International House

So where in the world is AUT?
Physically, AUT is located on two campuses in Auckland, but AUT is an international university with relationships around the globe.

Relationships with International Tertiary Institutions.
AUT has cooperative relationships and partnerships with tertiary institutions in Mexico, Chile, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Taiwan, Korea, China, Fiji, Tonga, the United States, the United Kingdom and Vietnam.

Training and Consultancy Work.
AUT successful record in consultancy work means they are often called on to provide educational and strategic development planning and capacity building expertise. Projects of this nature focus primarily on countries in the South Pacific and Asia. They also undertake short courses for educators, business people and government officials either at our AUT campus or at international sites.

Promoting Technology and Business
The AUT Technology Park undertakes information and communication technology research and the incubation of related businesses. The park is a member of the United States Association of University Research Parks and the National Business Incubator Association. They also have a dedicated office at the Singaporean incubator, Phase Z.Ro and they continue to work closely with New Zealand Trade and Enterprise to promote new technologies and start-up businesses in overseas markets.

Research Collaborations
Their researchers undertake collaborative projects with researchers at universities and research institutes around the world. These collaborative efforts include work with researchers in the United States, Europe and the Pacific Island nations.

International Students
International students enrich AUT campus and broaden the world view of AUT domestic students. They have students from 72 countries studying at AUT, and had a 41 per cent growth in international enrolments in 2003.

Student Exchange Programmes
They have international staff and student exchange programmes with universities in Europe, Asia and Central and North America.


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